Lot 3117
Autumn Auction: Asian Art - 23 november 2018
A bronze Vijayanaga Shiva Nataraja

South India, 15th/16th century.

A Vijayanagara period depiction of Shiva Nataraja, the Lord of the dance on a lotus base. Balanced with one foot on the back of Apasmarapurusha and the other raised in front of him in the gajahasta pose, his upper hands holding the damaru drum and the flame. His lower right hand and arm is wrapped with a cobra and is displaying the abhayamudra pose. Dancing in a flaming prabhamandala (aureole) on his left lower leg Shiva wears the bhringipada, while his matted hair rests on his shoulders.

H 19 cm

Prov.: Christie's, 1966 (Fl. 512).

€ 4.000,00
€ 5.000,00
€ 4.000,00

Hamerprijs: € 4.000