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Autumn Auction: European Fine Art - 21 november 2018
M.C. Escher (1898-1972)

'Aarde, nieuwjaarswens 1953'/Earth, New Year's greeting card 1953
'Lucht, nieuwjaarswens 1954'/Air, New Year's greeting card 1954
'Water, nieuwjaarswens 1956'/Water, New Year's greeting card 1956

all monogrammed 'MCE' (in the print)

cliché prints, printed in two colours with grey letterpress (3), all unframed in passe-partout, each 17,5x15,5 cm

Literature: -F.H. Bool, J.L. Locher, F. Wierda, 'Leven en werk van M.C. Escher', Amsterdam 1981, pp. 304,305, nos. 382, 283 and 385.

The prints are nos. 1, 2 and 4 from the 'Four Elements' series. These New Year's greeting cards were printed in October 1952 for Eugène & Willy Strens. Initially planned as lithographs, the works were finally printed as cliché prints, given the lower production costs. In the literature the prints are often wrongly referred to as woodcuts.

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