Lot 335
Autumn Auction: European Fine Art - 21 november 2018
Charley Toorop (1891-1955)

'Doodshoofd, beeldje en rozen'/A still life with a skull, figurine and roses

signed and dated '1934./CToorop' (lower right); signed, dated and titled 'Doodshoofd, beeldje/en rozen-/1934-Bergen-/Charley Toorop-' (on the reverse)

oil on canvas, 41x33 cm

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-With Kunsthandel Nieuwenhuizen Segaar, The Hague.
-Collection Mr. Jacob Mees, Rotterdam.
-Auction, in purpose of the Koningin Wilhelminafonds, Arti Amsterdam, 8 March 1956, lot 163, where acquired by the family of the present owner.

As the leading lady of Dutch art in the first half of the twentieth century, Charley Toorop had an enormous influence on Dutch culture. Being the daughter of Jan Toorop (1858-1928), she was already born into an artistic family, yet her inspiring ideas about art made her well connected with her contemporaries. Famous painters such as Van der Leck, Mondriaan, Zadkine and Rädecker often visited her studio, which became a meeting point for many artists of that time.

She was respected for her uncompromising direct style, which is clearly visible in the present lot ‘Doodshoofd, beeldje en rozen’ from 1934. The direct and robust strokes of her brush emphasise the strength of her image. In her still lifes, the depicted objects become concepts rather than just a collection of different things. The present painting combines her fierce realistic approach with the symbolic meaning of a vanitas, showing the transience of life and certainty of death.

Accompanied by the catalogues of the above mentioned exhibitions (1951, 1982 and 1994).

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