Lot 228
Autumn Auction: European Fine Art - 21 november 2018
Andries van Eertvelt (1590-1652)

A Mediterranean capriccio of a sea fight between European merchantmen and Ottoman galeasses

oil on canvas, 145x228 cm

-Auction, Christie's, London, 31 October 2007, lot 1, where acquired by the present owner.

Andries van Eertvelt is believed to have been trained as a painter in the north part of The Netherlands. There may have been an influence of the Dutch marine painter Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom (1562/3-1640), some however point out the impact of sixteenth century Flemish marine painting on his style. His early work was colourful with glazes of a bright clarity and it had been executed with precision. These early paintings were usually made on a small canvas.

He travelled to Italy and stayed in Genoa from 1628-30. This very much influenced his work which became looser as his canvasses became larger and his palette also became more subdued. His work has a characteristic effect of making his rigging bright against a dark background, this technique inspired his followers. Back in Antwerp he continued his successful career as a marine painter and some of his works were exported to markets in Spain and Portugal. He also had an enthusiastic clientele in the Dutch Republic.

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