Lot 297
Autumn Auction: European Fine Art - 21 november 2018
Isaac Israels (1865-1934)

In the Zoo of The Hague

signed 'Isaac Israels' (lower left).
Painted circa 1916-1917.

oil on canvas, 55x75 cm

-The Hague, G.J. Nieuwenhuizen Segaar, 1963, as: 'In de Haagse dierentuin'. -Rotterdam, Kunsthal, 'Isaac Israels impressionist', 4 September 1999-9 January 2000.

-Anna Wagner, 'Isaac Israels', Venlo 1985, p. 114, ill. 141.

-Collection Weber, Sweden. -Collection Amerongen, The Netherlands.

Along with George Hendrik Breitner (1857-1923), Isaac Israels is regarded as the most important representative of the Amsterdam Impressionists. Born as the son of the well established artist Jozef Israëls (1824-1911), Isaac was raised to be a successful painter. His talent was already recognized in the beginning of his career in The Hague, however when Israels moved to Amsterdam he became a leading figure in the Tachtigers movement. Developing a style with swift broad brushstrokes and subtle colours, Israels’s paintings captured numerous activities of his time.

The present lot depicts a tranquil scene of a man feeding the swans in the zoo of The Hague. The harmonious use of colour is very pleasing and Israels’s spontaneous brushstrokes emphasize this effect. This painting can be dated circa 1916-1917 when Isaac Israels painted his ‘Oppasser Ponsen van de Haagse Dierentuin’, also known as ‘The parrotman’ (Auction, Christie’s, Amsterdam, 14 May 2014, lot 236). Comparing the blue clothes and dark hat of the figure, it is likely that the same guard was used as model in the present painting. The subtleness of this painting is the well-balanced palette that gives the spectator a beautiful view of a tranquil autumn day in the zoo of The Hague.

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