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Autumn Auction: European Fine Art - 21 november 2018
Jozef Israëls (1824-1911)

Children playing on the beach

bears later signature 'Jozef Israels' (lower left),
Painted circa 1870-1880.

oil on panel, 25,5x39 cm

-Amsterdam, Art et Amicitiae, 'Verzameling E.H. Crone', July-Augustus 1909, no. 11. -The Hague, Gemeentemuseum, 1947, inv. no. 67-X-1947 (on loan).
-Groningen, Groninger Museum voor stad en lande (7 October-19 November 1961)/Arnhem, Gemeente museum (25 November 1961-14 January 1962), 'Herdenkingstentoonstelling Jozef Israëls 1824-1911', no. 11

-Collection Mr. A. Poortman, Rotterdam, his auction, C.F. Roos, Amsterdam, 21 May 1901, lot 39.
-With Kunsthandel Frans Buffa & Zonen, Amsterdam, where acquired by mr. E.H. Crone (sold for: 3,500 Dfl.).

Considered to be the pioneer of the Hague School, Jozef Israëls gained considerable success and fame during his life, both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Israëls was famous for his realistic themes executed in a sentimental style. He concentrated on the everyday life of peasants and fishmongers. In his oeuvre the theme of children playing at the beach stand out as a more joyful and bright subject.

During Jozef Israëls’s life, compositions with children playing on the beach were already his most beloved paintings. It is therefore no surprise that Israëls depicted this theme many times; often the children are playing with tiny boats in a pool on the beach. In this painting another famous motif is integrated, the ‘piggy-back’, an older sibling carries the younger one on his back so he or she can participate in the joyful play. This composition was especially popular abroad in England and Scotland.

The present painting testifies to Israëls’s sympathy with the innocent pleasures of childhood and radiates freshness. The whole scene is set in bright colours and the broad strokes of his brush give the spectator a beautiful impression of this joyous play, typical for a sunny day at the Dutch coast.

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