Lot 88
Post-War & Contemporary Art and Design - 31 oktober 2018
Jac. van den Bosch (1868-1948)

An oval table, ca. 1900-1903

The top with four sections separated by a cross, with a plain architrave and four legs joined by two crossing stretchers.

78 x 108 x 76 cm

Literature: Mr. J.L.M. Meckmann is mentioned in the customer register of 't Binnenhuis. See Yvonne Brentjens, Rechte stoelen, rechtschapen burgers. Wonen volgens ’t Binnenhuis (1900-1929) (Zwolle: WBOOKS, 2011), p. 332.

Provenance: Purchased in 1903 by Mr. J.L.M. Meckmann, the grandfather of the late husband of the present owner.

€ 700,00
€ 900,00