Lot 227
Autumn Auction: European Fine Art - 21 november 2018
Attributed to Abraham de Verwer (1585-1650)

Ships near the coast, possibly Vlissingen

indistinctly monogrammed (lower left)

oil on panel, oval, 29x40 cm


  • Has been in the same collection for at least 70 years.

Abraham de Verwer, also known as Abraham de Verweer van Burghstrate, was most likely born in Haarlem circa 1585 and died in Amsterdam in 1650. He is first recorded in Haarlem in 1607, not as a painter but as a cabinet-maker and probably started to paint as early as 1610. He painted landscapes and architectural paintings, but concentrated mostly on marines. De Verwer had a wide-range of interests and must have been an enterprising man. As to foreign travel there is evidence for sojourns in Paris and Northern France in 1637-1639, but Amsterdam remained his home-base.

The marines and sea battles of his early period are brightly coloured with the ships depicted on a large scale. Later he painted the sea in a more lifelike fashion, using a grey-brown palet, as we can see in the present painting. When he was over fifty years old, he was actively experimenting with light and reflexions at various hours of the day.

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