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Gerard Pieter Adolfs (1898-1968)

'Madoeresche Moord'/ The Madurese Murder

dated and signed '32 Ger Adolfs' (lower right),
and dated, numbered, inscribed 'Nr 147 Madoereesche moord '32' (on the reverse).

oil on canvas, 78x113 cm

-E. Borntraeger-Stoll en G. Orsini, ‘Gerard Pieter Adolfs (1898-1968), the painter of Java and Bali’, Wijk & Aalburg, 2008, with black and white picture on p. 378: 'Madoereesche moord' 1929, oil on canvas, circa 90x135 cm.

In this book an other illustration on p. 23 of Adolf's private house with the furniture he designed for I.E.V. clubhouse (Indo-European Association) in Surabaya in 1932. On the wall we see the painting 'The Madurese Murder'. At the time of the publication of the book in 2008, the whereabouts of the paintings were unknown. This explains the incorrect date of 1929 in the book.

The 1929 painting ‘The Madurese Murder’ is one of the highlights in the oeuvre of Gerard Pieter Adolfs (1898–1968). One anonymous art critic writing for the 'Soerabaijasch Handelsblad' (Surabayan Newspaper), who labelled the work as such in 1933, described the ominous, mystical atmosphere and the mounting tension evident in every brushstroke. Small though the main players in the painting may be, the dramatic nature of the event is heightened by the majestic weeping fig, the boat in the foreground, the tense spectators, and not least the architecture - partly old houses and crumbling walls, partly modern Art Deco - the layered composition, the use of chiaroscuro. Adolfs has put everything into this stunning climax. The anonymous critic calls the result ‘Rembrandtesque’. After painting in a Rembrantesque style for several years Adolfs changed course: his style became more impressionist and eventually nearly abstract.

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing.

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