Lot 24
Indonesian Art Sale 2018
Rudolf Bonnet (1895-1978)

A sitting young Balinese man

signed 'R. Bonnet' (upper right) and annotated and dated 'Bali 1975' (upper left)

black, brown and white chalk on paper, 74x59 cm

-Rosa Spier Huis, Laren, The Netherlands. -This work was kept in the artist’s private collection in the Rosa Spier House until his death in 1978 and then bequeathed to the Rosa Spier House.

In 1970 Bonnet moved to the newly opened Rosa Spier Huis in Laren, a home for elderly artists and scientists. The house was founded by harpist Rosa Spier and humanist and arts patron Henriëtte Polak. The proceeds of this lot will be used for a new building to be realised.

Up to the last years of his life, Bonnet continued his regular travels to Indonesia always bringing back new work when coming home to Laren. The drawing of a young Balinese man in this sale dated 1975 must have been done during one of these journeys, the last of them being in 1977 when he was honoured with the golden art medal Dharma Kusuma awarded to him by Mr. Sukarmen, governor of Bali.

Bonnet was a key figure in the development of modern Balinese art but most of all he has played a leading role in establishing the Westerner's image of Bali that still exists today.

Source: Dr. H. de Roever-Bonnet, 'Rudolf Bonnet Een zondagskind - Zijn leven en zijn werk', Wijk en Aalburg 1991, p.140

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing.

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