Lot 345
Indonesian Art Sale 2018
A lot of five various Ikat textiles

Mid-20th century/ East-Sumba, Indonesia

All textiles produced in the colours brown, beige, red and blue. A vintage pair of warp Ikat Sumba Hinggi or man’s shoulder cloths with depictions of birds, prawns (symbols of rejuvenation), horses (often part of a dowry for a marriage), lobsters and cockerels. Lobsters can regenerate their limbs in a process of renewal hence they are regarded by the Sumba people as symbols of a ruler's powers. (250x108 cm.) Another pair of shoulder cloths with depictions of roosters and cockerels facing each other (animals of ritual sacrifice). (240x108 cm.) One single Ikat textile with depictions of birds facing each other and complex representations of lobsters. (240x106 cm.) The colour and motif both indicate the status of the wearer. In the past only the nobility had the right to the use and wear such cloth.

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