Lot 187
Indonesian Art Sale 2018
Wynand Otto Jan Nieuwenkamp (1874-1950) and Kt. Mustjaja (20th Century)

Temple Gate in Sangsit on Bali

woodblock print on rice paper, 19x24,5 cm. The print has originally been inserted in a special of the magazine 'Wendingen'.

Pura Beji Sangsit is a Balinese temple or pura located in Sangsit, Buleleng, on the island of Bali. Pura Beji is dedicated to the rice goddess Dewi Sri, and is revered especially by the farmers around the area. Pura Beji is an example of a stereotypical northern Balinese architecture with its relatively heavier decorations than its southern Balinese counterpart, and its typical foliage-like carvings.

Together with: Kt. Mustjaja (20th Century)
A Balinese dancer
signed and annotated 'Kt.Mustjaja. Ubud' (lower right)
ink with goldpaint on paper, 36x26 cm

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