Lot 186
Indonesian Art Sale 2018
Anita Rambonnet-Daponte (1895-1955)

Design for a poster of the 'N.V. Bandoengsche Kininefabriek'.

signed with monogram 'ar' (in a circle, lower right)

gouache and collage on paper, unframed, 76x77 cm

Anita Rambonnet-Daponte (born Smyrna, Turkey 1895 - The Hague 1955) had an Italian father from a Ducal family in Venice and a Dutch mother. She studied English at the University of Amsterdam. In 1919 she left for Java together with her husband Mr. G.F. Rambonnet. In the 1920s and 1930s he was the Mayor of Soekaboemi and Buitenzorg.

Anita was a striking personality in the Indonesian ‘high society’. Starting from her time in Soekaboemi she developped into a qualified artist. She has a varied oeuvre of still lifes, portraits and caricatures, often with a rich colour scheme. She exhibited her work alone, but also together with painters such as Rudolf Bonnet, Carel Dake Jr., Gabriëlle Fer­rand, Ben Frank, Willy Sayers and Henry van Velthuysen. These exhibitions were in the Dutch East Indies and in The Netherlands. Apart from painting, she was a writer and - under the pseudonym Mr. J. Palet - known for her three Indonesian detective novels: ‘De moord in het berghotel’, ‘13’ and ‘Paladijnen in Péot’. She also designed the book covers. For years she was an interpreter/translator Dutch-English for Government and Justice. She spoke and wrote five languages fluently. Finally she also designed stage costumes and posters, among others for the Bandoengsche Kininefabriek. She signed her work normally with 'ar', as we can see at the lot now in auction.

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