Lot 138
Indonesian Art Sale 2018
Charles Sayers (1901-1943)

Portrait of a Balinese Legong dancer

signed and annotated 'Ch. Sayers Bali' (lower left)

oil on panel, 37x39,5 cm

Charles Sayers’ work is popular amongst admirers of exotic expressionist paintings. Sayers was born in Gemoeh in Central Java in 1901, and in spite of his early death created an impressive oeuvre. His paintings are impressive for their thoughtful compositions and expressions as well as his use of bright colours and striking perspectives. One such exceptional work was sold at the Venduehuis in the autumn of 2014: a painting of a Batak village in Sumatra that includes every one of these characteristics. This time, we are offering a modestly sized portrait of a Balinese dancer. But its size in no way lessens its impact. The dancer fixes us, her audience, with an intense gaze. Her face is framed by a beautiful flower wreath and the fabric of her outfit. An unforgettable work of art. When the Japanese invaded the Indies, Sayers was captured and forced to work on the Burma Railway as a prisoner of war. Weakened through malnutrition and malaria, he died on 15 November 1943 in camp ‘Km 114’, Thambyazajat, Burma. He was only 41 years old.

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