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Indonesian Art Sale 2018
Frederik Kasenda (active 1920-1950)

Fort Rotterdam in Makassar on Celebes

signed and dated 'Frederik Kasenda 1938' (lower left)

oil on canvas, 62x99 cm

Fort Rotterdam is a 17th-century fort in Makassar on the island of Celebes (in Indonesian: Sulawesi). It is a Dutch fort built on top of an existing fort of the Gowa Kingdom, the Makassarese fort called Ujung Pandang. In 1667 the fort was ceded to the Dutch. It was in subsequent years entirely rebuilt on the initiative of Dutch admiral Cornelis Speelman to become the center of Dutch colonial power in Sulawesi. It was renamed Fort Rotterdam after Speelman's place of birth. In the years 1673-1679 it got its five bastions and the 'turtle' shape it still has to this day. This shape gave the fort the nickname "Benteng Penyu" ("sea-turtle fort"). In that time houses and a church were built in the courtyard in a Dutch style with typical top facades, sloping red roofs and white painted stone. Fort Rotterdam remained the regional Dutch military and governmental headquarters until the 1930s. Nowadays the fort is the cultural centre of Sulawesi.

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