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Indonesian Art Sale 2018
Henri Mège (1904-1984)

'Matinée dans les rizières, Region Nord de Phan Thiet (Viet-Nam Centre)' / Morning in the rice paddies, Region north of Phan Thiet (Viet-Nam Central)'

signed 'Henri Mège' (lower right) and titled, signed, number 'no. 4' and dated '1964' (on the reverse).

oil on board, 39x79 cm

Provenance: Bought by the Dutch ambassador to Vietnam mid 1960s. Thence by descent the present owner.

Henri Mège, well regarded among the local art community for his unusual painting knife technique, specialises in travel paintings. He was therefore compelled to portray his scenes on smaller boards out of necessity. Like a guidebook photographer of the past, Mège documented the captivating landscapes that inspired him during his travels. Like his father he embraced a military career. Later, in 1931, his career led him in Indochina. He met the young emperor Bao Daï and befriends with the Vietnamese artist Mai - Thu. During his long stay in the far East, he found time to paint, undergoing the Indo-Chinese influence. During his free time, he represents the Viet Nam dense vegetation, the boats on the river etc. He married the niece of the last viceroy of Tonkin.

After the war, during which he was imprisoned by the Japanese, he taught at the Beaux-Arts in Saigon until 1956, when he returned to Chambéry where he lived until his death. His free time allows him to produce many paintings that he exhibits mainly in France (gallery Mollens) and sometimes in Indochina. He has depicted the Mount Granier, the surroundings of Chambéry, Lake Bourge. Henri Mège died in 1984 in Chambéry at the age of 80. Even if Henri Mège is better known today as a "Savoyard painter", his long stay in the Far East marked his painting. Green and yellow are often used in his colour palette. However, he sometimes enhances his compositions with brighter touches by using red for flowers or roofs of houses. He mainly paints daytime landscapes. He has experimented with many techniques. He enjoys using flat tint of colours, as well as numerous touches. Overall, his paintings remain extremely delicate.

On the painting we see the region of Phan Thiet, which is the capital of Bình Thuân province, on the coast in southeastern Vietnam.

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