Lot 29
Indonesian Art Sale 2018
Theo Meier (1908-1982)

Three Balinese beauties

oil on board, 84x120 cm

-Bought directly from the artist in the '50s by the family of the present owner.

'Paradise, I saw it during dances, processions and daily life…I found a culture untainted by modern life but still vital, with nothing museum-like about it … I lived with the Balinese people and lived as they did!'

Theo Meier ( Basel 1908 - Bern 1982 ) was a Swiss painter, mainly active in Bali and Thailand. Meier's paintings capture the viewer with their rich and vivid colours, their tropical landscapes and flora and their beautiful exotic women. His works show the influences of his great idol Paul Gauguin as well as that of the German Expressionists and reflect his interest in primitive strength, the archaic and the simplicity of expression.

Source: Didier Hamel, 'Theo Meier. A Swiss Artist under the Tropics, Hexart Publishing', Jakarta 2007.

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