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Post-War & Contemporary Art and Design - 31 oktober 2018
Hans de Jong (1932-2011)

1972, 1974 and 1979, signed and dated.

Three pottery objects, a bowl and cover with a light and dark brown glaze, decorated with a partly moulded design of abstract patterns, a fantasy animal with a curled tail and a face with large nose and eyes, with a light brown glaze with a curly moulded decoration and a flat vase with two ears, a geometric design and a matte glaze. (3)

Resp. D 10 cm, L 29 cm and H 16,5 cm

No damages noticed.

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing vanaf een hamerprijs van € 2400.

€ 300,00
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€ 700,00

Hamerprijs: € 700