Lot 49
Indonesian Art Sale 2018
Isodore Cornelis (Is) van Mens (1890-1985)

'Pagode Ile de Bali' / Pagoda on the isle of Bali

signed, annotated and dated 'Is. van Mens Bali. 1920.' (lower right),
signed again and with the artist's address in Bruxelles, titled and numbered '16' (on a handwritten label attached to the reverse).

oil on canvas, 99x79 cm

Destined to become a lawyer Van Mens decided to become an artist instead. He was a pupil of H. Meijer from The Hague and student at the 'Académie Libre' of Brussels. In 1928 he arrived in Batavia and worked as illustrator for 'De Java-Bode' during his stay in the Dutch Indies. Besides Java he also visited Bali which inspired him for this lot. The painting shows the 'meru' or tower of one of the Balinese temples, possibly the Kehen temple of Bangli, Bali.

Sources: -Haks & Maris, 'Lexicon of Foreign Artists Who Visualized Indonesia', Utrecht 1975, p. 182. -Miguel Covarrubias, 'Island of Bali', 1937: Please compare with ill. of the meru of the Kehen temple.

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing.

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