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Van Stockum's Books & Prints - Juni 2018
COLLECTION of 24 works & pubs., mainly on applied

COLLECTION of 24 works & pubs., mainly on applied arts.

With (col.) ills. Various sizes, various bindings. (24x)

¶ I.a. K. Pinn, “Paktong. The Chinese Alloy in Europe, 1680-1820” (1999); P. Motture, “Catalogue of Italian Bronzes in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Bells & Mortars and related Utensils” (2001); K. Schaffers-Bodenhausen & M. Tiethoff-Spliethoff, “The Portrait Miniatures in the Collections of the House of Orange-Nassau” (1993); M.H. Heckscher & L.G. Bowman, “American Rococo, 1750-1775: Elegance in Ornament” (1992); B. Chevallier & M. Walter, “Empire Style. Authentic Decor” (2008) & O. Jones, “The Grammar of Ornament. The Victorian Masterpiece on Oriental, Primitive, Classical, Mediaeval and Renaissance Design and Decorative Art” (1986).