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Van Stockum's Books & Prints - Juni 2018
[ASIA] – COLLECTION of 26 works & pubs. on Asian art.

[ASIAN ART] – COLLECTION of 26 works & pubs. on Asian art.

With (col.) ills. Various sizes, various bindings. (26x)

¶ I.a. S. Markel [a.o.], “India’s fabled city. The art of courtly Lucknow” (2011); A. Frenz & K.K. Marar, “Wall paintings in North Kerala India. 1000 Years of Temple Art” (2004); V. Roveda & S. Yem, “Buddhist Painting in Cambodia” (2009); C. de Ménonville, “Vietnamese painting. From tradition to modernity” (2003); J.E. Bogle, “Thai & Southeast Asian Paintings, 18th Through 20th Centuries” (2011); C. Schicklgruber, “The Tower of Trongsa. Religion and Power in Bhutan” (2009); J.-F. Hubert, “The Art of Champa” (2005); J. Masselos [a.o.], “Dancing to the Flute. Music and Dance in Indian Art” (1997) & S. Stronge [ed.], “The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms” (1999).

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