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Zomerveiling juni 2018
Naar Jacob de Wit (18e eeuw)

'Infelicitas Publica'

houtskool, bruine inkt en sanguine op papier / black chalk, brown ink and sanguine on paper, 19,5x14,5 cm (shaped)

The symbols depicted in this drawing are all qualities of good government. In the medallion a rough sketch of an enclosed city is illustrated. The sword signifies 'Justice', the dog typically stands for 'Loyalty', the burning torch represents 'Peace' and the stir on the right signifies 'Abundance'.

Please compare this drawing to a engraving in the collection of the Teylers Museum in Haarlem (inv. no. KG 07299) by Abraham Delfos (1731-1820) after an original composition by Jacob de Wit (1695-1754).

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