Lot 228
Special Sale: Post-war & Contemporary Art april 2018

Hans van Bentem (1965)


a chandelier shaped as a skull, H 140 cm

A glass workshop in 1988 was the prelude to Van Bentem’s fascination for old age-old glass working techniques and glass-blowing. Soon after, his first glass sculptures were being made in Leerdam and in 1993 he immersed himself in the great tradition of Bohemian crystal in the Czech Republic. This experience inspired the first of his crystal chandeliers, ‘Skull & Bones’, which he created in 1995. Many chandeliers followed. Important glass projects were commissioned, two of which were the design of 15 chandeliers for Museum Escher in Het Paleis and a crystal glass four-poster bed for the Gobelin Room at the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague. (compare literature: T.M. Eliëns, ‘Hans van Bentem. Keep on dreaming!’, exhibition catalogue Gemeentemuseum, The Hague 2012).

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