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Special Sale: Design Auction april 2018
Gaetano Pesce (1939)

2004, Italy.

Chair, cast resin with a piece of paisley fabric. Made for Etro, the well-known Italian fashionhouse, which often uses Paisley patterns in their colourful women’s and men’s clothes.

Made as part of the 'Nobody’s Perfect' collection of 99 resin and fabric chairs, crystallising unique colours and patterns, that Gaetano Pesce uses to strike a balance between heritage and contemporary design. This innovative project came to life in 2003 through a collaboration with Etro and Zerodisegno.

Gaetano Pesce is an architect, sculptor and designer from La Spezia, Italy.

Marked Zerodisegno, Gaetano Pesce in relief.

90x42x40 cm.

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing vanaf een hamerprijs van € 2400.

€ 2.000,00
€ 2.500,00