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[RIVER MAAS] – [POSTAL DELIVERY] – GEEL, J. (Joost) VAN (1631-1698).

“Noord Zyde van de Maas Eerste/ Tweede/ Derde/ Vierde Stuk”. – “West Zyde van de Maas Derde/ Vierde Stuk”.

Collection of 6 (of 8) engraved views (each with a Dutch caption) printed on 3 leaves. (Publ. by Jacob Quack, after 1665). Ca. 14,5 x 41,5 cm. (views) & ca. 60 x 47 cm. (leaves). – ADDED: 1 similar leaf with 3 engr. views (dep. postal carriers near a sea-shore. With defects). (4x)

¶ Cf. Donkersloot-de Vrij 769a (note). Probably second state (all leaves watermarked with a crowned intertwined double “E” with monogram “GR” below) of a very rare series of panoramic views of the northern & western bank of the River Maas (dep. i.a. Delft, ’s-Gravenzande, De Lier, Maassluis & Oostvoorne) published by the Dutch postmaster Jacob Quack (ca. 1622-1668). The engravings were formerly attributed to Reinier Nooms (ca. 1623-1667) & Roelant Roghman (1627-1692). “These eight plates were illustrations to the ‘Postcaert’ by Jacob Quack (published in 1665) who arranged a special mail service on the River Maas. In this series Quack aims to explain to ship captains how to sail from the mouth of the River Maas and therefore giving the views of the river-banks (with villages, towns, landmarks etc.)” (British Museum). ¶ A few defects to the leaves (partly dam./ torn on folds, occ. sl. marg. waterstained), but the engravings in good condition.

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