Lot 195
Winterveiling februari 2018

Peter Angermann (1945)

'Roter Frosch'

rechtsonder get. en gedateerd '81

olieverf op doek, zonder lijst, 127x150 cm

The artist Peter Angermann is representative of Germany’s Neo-Expressionism. Angermann received his education at the Kunstakademie (Art Academy) in Düsseldorf, where he was drawn, in particular, to the class run by Joseph Beuys. In 1979 he founded the group NORMAL together with his former classmate Milan Kunc, and fellow artists John Hummel and Jan Knap. Like other artists around 1980, the group sought a different approach to art other than the abstract art movement. The group’s figurative art was inspired by humour, fantasies and feelings. In 2016, the Groninger Museum held an exhibition titled ‘Wilden en Nieuwe Wilden’ (Wild and New Wild), featuring, amongst others, works by Angermann.