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Online Only: Provenance: Galerie Delta, The Heritage of a Passionate Collector
A Dengese statue

D.R. Congo.

While the Dengese do not use masks, their artists have produced great statues. These fine religious statues may be portraits of ancestors or funeral effigies. These statues have no lower extremities; the bodies are covered with scarifications, and this figure has hair that resemble those worn by notables, or totshi: a kind of finely braided bonnet topped with a small, wooden cylinder.

Thus the body becomes a text. The bust and arms lengthen to accommodate the symbolic inscriptions that recall the relationship between the chief and those who are subject to his authority. The totshi belonged to an association that required enormous fees from its future members and an initiation that was performed in two stages.

The statues are the funerary effigies of the totshi and represent them during the anniversary ceremony of the funeral, which would take place several months after a death. Provenance: orally communicated to have been part of the collection of Henri L. Schouten, Abcoude, 1974.

H 105 cm.

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