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Provenance: Galerie Delta, The Heritage of a Passionate Collector
An Papuan Gulf figure

Papua New Guinea.

Shaped as a human figure, decorated with geometrical patterns. Such relief figures, carved out of lightweight wood (often of the ‘magically potent’ wood of old war boats) were painted black (using soot) and white and red (using earth pigments), and were placed inside and in front of the Papuan men’s houses, in the area of the Era River and Wapo Creek in the Gulf of Papua (southeast coast of New Guinea). These ‘bioma’ figures symbolise the mighty mythical hero and ancestor Irivake, who is associated with hunting fortune and with the (long abandoned) custom of head-hunting. With the erection of a ‘bioma’ figure, the power and hunting luck of the ancestor Irivake was meant to transfer to the owner.

H 120 cm

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