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Provenance: Galerie Delta, The Heritage of a Passionate Collector
A Bamana style door


Bamana door locks are composed of two parts: one is a fixed vertical element which is most often carved with abstract, human or animal form fixed to the door with iron staples. The second part of the door lock is a horizontal wooden piece that slides through the vertical piece where iron teeth would fall into small holes locking the door.

The door has pointed corners that served as hinges and a sculpted wooden lock to keep it closed. A small key would lift the iron pegs to open the door. The sliding locking bar passed just behind the vertical part.

The figure on this door lock is carved in a Bamana style and depicts Bamana figures identified as representations of an ancestor, which presence is required to ensure protection and prevent the intrusion of bad spirits and sorcerers.

H 142 cm.

For similar examples and further information see: -Pascal James Imperato, Legends, Sorceress and Enchanted Lizard-Door Locks of The Bamana of Mali, 2001. See also: -Colleyn J.P.(e.d.), Bamana, The Art of Existence in Mali, 2001.

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