Lot 390
Provenance: Galerie Delta, The Heritage of a Passionate Collector
Ron van der Ende (1965)

Auto (Constructie 1 / Hispano Suiza) [1988]

Canadian cedar and lime on a steel frame, 480x170x100 cm

'Auto' was the first project after art school and the first occurrence of the Car theme. This object marked the start of a fruitful cooperation with Hans Sonnenberg and Galerie Delta, which lasted for decades.

— Rotterdam, Dyonisus, ‘It’s Boring but it’s true’, 1988.
— Rotterdam, ExpoHenk, 1989.
— Rotterdam, Galerie Delta, ‘Ron van der Ende’, 1989.
— Rotterdam, Galerie Delta, ‘Parkinglot’, 1990.
— Gorinchem, Gorkums Museum, ‘The Scent of Wood’, 1996.

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing.

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Hamerprijs: € 2.600