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1e Halfjaarlijkse Boeken- & Prentenveiling 2017
[INDONESIA] – [SERRURIER, L. De Wajang Poerwa. Eene ethnol ...

¶ Rouffaer/ Muller I, p. 15. Not in Bastin/ Brommer. Plate-vol. only (publ. by "'s Rijks Ethnographisch Museum" in Leyden) without the accompanying text-vol. by the Dutch anthropologist Lindor Serrurier (1846-1901). The plates are Roman numbered “I” (2x), “II(a-b)”, “III-VI(a-b)”, “VII(a-b)”, “VIII(a-b)”, “IX-X(a-b)”, “XI-XII(a-b)”, “XIII-XIV”. Very rare publication (printed in 200 copies for private distribution only). Standard work on the Wayang puppet theatre written & printed by order of the Dutch government for distribution among public collections only. – A few plates sl. frayed in outer blank margins (due to the fragile quality of the paper), occ. sl. foxed/ browned (due to the usual off-setting), but nevertheless in good condition.

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