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1e Halfjaarlijkse Boeken- & Prentenveiling 2017
[FRENCH LITERATURE] – [RIVAROL, A. DE]. De L’Universalit ...

¶ Printed on “Montgolfier d’Annonay” in 130 copies (on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of “La Compagnie Typographique”). One of 88 Arabic numb. copies reserved for the members of “La Compagnie Typographique”. The first vol. (printed in a type designed after Bertrand Loeulliet) contains the original text by Antoine de Rivarol (1753-1801). The second vol. (printed in a type designed after Jean Jannon) contains 20th-cent. contributions on the French language by P. Imbs, L.S. Senghor, R. Lévesque, C. Héloe, N. Sihanouk, W. de Merode & R. Ruffieux. – Chemise of vol. 2 with a few small stains, but else in fine condition.

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