Lot 18
Indonesian Art Sale 2017
Theo Meier (1908-1982)

Balinese girl sitting under a tree

signed lower right

oil on canvas, 44x28,5 cm


Theo Meier ( Basel 1908 - Bern 1982 ) was a Swiss painter, who was mainly active in Bali and Thailand. Meier followed a study at Basel's art academy and, thanks to a grant from the academy, could start a career as an artist. After a successful assignment for a portrait, Meier received many recommendations and traveled to Berlin where he came into contact with Max Liebermann , Karl Hofer and Emil Nolde . After that he lived in Dresden where he received instructions from Otto Dix. Back in Basel, he produced portraits of the composers Arthur Honegger and Igor Strawinsky . When he was 24, he, inspired by Paul Gauguin's work, went to Papeete on Tahiti. There he did not find the primitive simplicity that can be seen in Gauguin's work, but his experiences as a painter were certainly decisive, especially because of the tropical nature.

A year later, he went to Bali, where he found the culture he had missed in Tahiti, in a tropical setting. He settled in Sanur, began to paint and became friends with other artists on the island, including Walter Spies. He was visited by artists and politicians and married in 1938 a Balinese woman. After the invasion of the Japanese, he fled to Saba. Much work of Meier was lost in that time. After the war and struggle for independence Bali lost much of its innocence, but Meier continued to work. He received assignments from, among others, President Sukarno. In 1948, he got a daughter with his second Balinese wife. After a short stay in Switzerland, he went to Thailand in 1957 and finally settled in Chiang Mai where he would continue to live and paint.

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