Lot 15
Indonesian Art Sale 2017
Hendrik Arend Ludolf (H.A.L.) Wichers (1893-1968)

'Gedeh vanuit KNILM vliegtuig, Bandung Batavia' / Clouds above the sawa

signed lower right and unclearly dated 19.., and signed again on the reverse and address of the painter in Bandung.

oil on board, 28,5x38,5 cm

Koninklijke Nederlandsch-Indische Luchtvaart Maatschappij (in English: Royal Dutch Indies Airways) was the airline of the former Dutch East Indies. Headquartered in Amsterdam, KNILM was not a subsidiary of the better-known KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), despite the similar name. The airline had its headquarters in Amsterdam and an office in Batavia (currently Jakarta).

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